Best of Show


“Below and Beyond” 10 x 8 oil

I recently entered the annual “Plein Air Painters of New Mexico” for the first time after having joined the organization earlier this year. I am usually not one to enter juried shows for a plethora of reasons. This one was real easy however, as I only had to go downtown and drop off the work here in Santa Fe at the Sorrel Sky Gallery of Fine Art.

Jeff Legg, a nationally known painter, was the judge of awards and he kindly selected this piece as best of show out of over 150 juried paintings.

Vegetable Vendor-Luxor Egypt

Williams-Vegetable Vendor LuxorThis is my first studio painting from my most recent trip to Egypt. I had a lot of fun composing this scene in the market at Luxor. I tried to be incognito standing across the street with my telephoto lens photographing figures coming and going buying vegetables. In the end I think I used a composite of almost 15 photos to finally work out my composition. I love my life as an artist!



Heidi at Karnac

Finally returned from a life changing experience in Egypt. This trip was a destination that both my wife Heidi and I have desired since we were kids. Egypt is a beautiful country full of beautiful people. I am working on my first studio painting from the trip and will update a post with the finished product. Very exciting imagery! Stay tuned!

Bucket List-Egypt


I am so excited to soon take an item out of my travel bucket list. I am on my way to Egypt to paint and photograph to my heart’s desire. Since a child, not unlike everyone else, I have dreamed about going to this historic part of the world. From feluccas to camels, I plan to paint until I drop….well maybe not until I drop.

Anyhoo, you will soon be hearing from me!  YAHOO


Maya, Roger Williams Santa Fe artist blog

Heidi at the observatory on a very hot day!

I recently returned from a trip to the Yucatán peninsula in the very south of the Mexican republic. It was the first trip that I remember taking in at least 30 years where I did not bring drawing and painting equipment. My wife Heidi and I left about three days after I had rotator cuff surgery on my painting arm. Wigged out on oxicodone for the pain, we managed to visit five different Mayan cities. It was Heidi’s first experience with the Maya world and she was thrilled!

Since I could not paint or even lift my camera on this journey, like any artist, I put my focus on observing everything to its profound core. Everywhere I go, I am always composing paintings in my mind, whether it be at a table in a restaurant or gazing from the top of a pyramid. I have always try to impart to my students to take the time to stop, contemplate and observe the subject before starting a painting or drawing. Intimacy with the image will certainly show itself in a painting. Once an artist begins painting, there is that extra distraction of the process and technique which challenges the ability to truly observe.

One Man exhibition 2015


Evening in the Valley 30″ x 40″ oil


I just want to thank all of you folks out there that attended my Fall exhibition here in Santa Fe. Although it seemed like the town was under marshal control because of the continuing fiestas, the show was well attending and very successful. I am very grateful to have so many collectors interested in my work. 

Having been a fine artist for over 30 years now, I have always been appreciative of all the people that make it possible to continue doing a career in the arts. It truly is a gift to get up out of bed every morning and look forward to the opportunity to create and express myself through painting. This would not be possible if I did not have all you folks out there supporting this process! Thank You!

Que Viva El Arte !!


“Pastel Moonrise” 12″ x 16″ pastel




This pastel painting entitled “La Entrega”, spanish for “The Delivery” was motivated by a dream I had last month. In the dream, I was apparently some sort of clergy and I remember coming out of the living space and receiving someone who was making a delivery of supplies. I remember the bell tower above where I was standing outside the door. It was obviously semi- tropical and I was speaking Spanish to the gentleman that brought supplies. I decided that morning to do a third party view in painting of this dream from the front of the church. It was a very uplighting dream and stayed with me all the next day. So strong was the dream, that I had to paint it. 

I often paint scenes of my dream world, especially the ones that are so powerfully visual.

Out My Studio Windows

out my studio windows

I recently painted another painting looking out my studio windows.  This time I painted in pastel looking directly  north towards the Sangre de Christo mountains. This view I have painted many times and like anything in nature, the subject is never static. The view is overwhelmingly different every day, every minute of the day!  

Painting this scene reminds of Monet’s experience with the Rouen Cathedral series that he did in France in the 1890’s. He did over 30 paintings of the very same subject from the exact same view and they are all spectacularly different. That series  of Claude Monet, is an eye feast!

Because this subject is what I see everyday out my studio windows, I do intend to do a consistent series when I get to it.

Diptych Format


“Wild Flowers” 2/24′ x 18″ oil on linen.

For many years I have played with the Diptych as well as the triptych format with my works. It is always a challenge to make the pieces stand on their own with strong design and the elements of esthetics, and finally work together as one. I always frame my work, so it adds an extra dimension to these windows into visual illusion. 

This piece entitled “Wild Flowers” was part of a recent European series in landscape. Landscape painting for me is liberating because I find it so much easier to execute than the figure work I paint.

Vernon Filley Art Museum


First Gallery

I just got back into Santa Fe after a wonderful experience of the opening of our two person exhibition at the Vernon Filley Art Museum. Sculptor Robin Laws and myself had so much fun with our Saturday afternoon presentation to a full crowd of interested folks. 

The evening opening went just as well with many patron and aficionados of the arts attending.

Great time for all involved!


Sitting “Emily Filley ” the creator of the museum attended the opening.


Second Gallery