Once again not to be redundant, but I have written a number times about my purpose for blogging. First and foremost, is to help you, the people reading this blog, to understand more about painting and art, whether you are an aspiring artist or an aficionado of the painting arts.

This blog I hope, explains the different feelings, thoughts, and actions that go into this series of paintings I have

Western art, oil painting, pueblo cultures, RogerWilliams Artis, Santa Fe nm. Fine art

Autumn Courtship
24″ X 30″ Oil on Linen

been doing for over 5 years now. It is a series of images that I term my “Historical Pueblo Paintings” It is a direction in art that could easily be put in the “Western Art” category in our current artistic paradigms. I grew up in the southern Colorado, a stones throw from Taos, NM, and I have always been influenced by the pueblo indigenous cultures of this part of the USA, where they have existed for thousands of years. I spent weeks and months in the different ruins and current villages that still exist today.

Essentially, my historical paintings come from visions and images that appear in my mind from some of the energies I pick up at different sites. I like to paint the feeling of domestic peace and tranquility of the cultures past, and not portray the violence and despair that was certainly part of their lives, that often you see in western art paintings.

I use myth, speculated history, and my own intuition of what might have happened in that time line here in the Southwest, to produce a painting that hopefully conveys what might have happened in their cultures in daily tribal life.

In future blogs, I will explain how I do this technically, and the different processes for the various images I paint, and some of the history around these pieces of art. However, I like to keep my blog short and approach only a few ideas about a particular subject at a time.

Please stay tuned and let me know what you would like to see in my posts that might expand your journey into the expansion of the visual arts. I would love hearing from you and would like to comment below!

western art , oil paint, Roger William artist, fine art, Santa Fe NM Southwest USA

Fire Prayer
20″ x 16″ oil on Linen

Oil painting, western art, Roger Williams artist, southwest, Santa Fe NM

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