Roger Williams

“Into Twilight” 12 x 24 oil New Mexico, USA Roger Williams

What child is not born into this world that doesn’t pick up a pencil or crayons as soon as he or she is able. Art is innate in all of us and for some, not unlike you, who are reading this blog, have a hard time shaking it off as life perpetuates itself into the future. If the desire of art appreciation stays with you, I would recommend for you to act upon it, either by doing it or involving yourself in it by going to exhibits, museums, and of course, possibly purchasing art for your home.

I was one of those children that loved to draw and just kept doing it.  Over 35 years ago I started selling my art, after which then became my profession. Some people ask how is it that you can continually make this happen. The first and most important answer is Passion. Things are not difficult when you have passion for them. Being an artist, is a discipline that takes hard work in many areas, such as painting long hours and improving your craft by study, marketing, and more marketing.

Studying is paramount for growth of your craft. For example, I have always loved the post impressionists, American and European and have studied many artists from this era. It helps me grow as an artist to analyze how the masters painted and be on the constant intention to improve my work by looking at paintings I love.

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