It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Roger Williams as an exquisite painting teacher and workshop conductor.

I have had the pleasure of participating in many of Roger’s classes and workshops, in his Santa Fe studio and “en plein air” as well as his Italian classes. Each class brings new rewards to me and to all his students. He gives personal attention to everyone and encourages the class to paint at levels they never thought they could achieve. I have seen skeptical beginners in his class become avid painters because of Mr. Williams’ gentle and skilled method of communicating and putting students at ease.

Roger’s breadth of knowledge of the field of art and his depth of insight were evident from my first encounter with him. I feel truly fortunate to be able to continue to learn from him at an unparalleled level.

Successful art teachers in any sutuation have two undeniable characteristics. One: they have a winning personality. Interview Mr. Williams and see for yourself that he is extraordinarily pleasant. Two: they are excellent artists. Look at his abundant work and you too will know, as I do, that he is one of New Mexico’s leading artists.

His ability to convey painting techniques makes him an excellent choice as an instructor. Moreover, his enthusiasm and love for the world of art are truly inspiring. Roger Williams has my highest recommendation.


Karen Halbert, Ph.D.

Former College Professor of Mathematics

Retired Vice President of Software Development at the NYSE

Fayetteville, Arkansas

and Santa Fe

Roger is a monumental artist of our times.  He is that rare individual who teaches as well as he paints.  His classes bring sheer joy, insight, happiness, clear vision and a higher level of artistry for all present.

His knowledge of value, texture, intervals and composition are both inspired and insightful.  Roger helps each painter with their personnel artistic direction. I am indebted to him for sharing his gift and special philosophy of life and art.

Michele Tisdale (Student)

“Showing how it’s done beats telling and that’s what Roger does best. I’ve never left a class or workshop of his without taking with me something new and valuable. And, he has a sense of humor.“

 Michael Kitei (student)


“Roger is an incredible artist who has honed his craft and paid his dues.  He is generous with his knowledge and has the ability to guide his students so they reach for “their personal best”,  all the while cajoling them with humor and fun!”

 Judee Biggles (student)


“Roger has been the best painting teacher that I have ever had. He gives all of his student a great deal of personal attention. Rogers style of teaching has been perfect for me. I have not painted in years and have had only a few painting classes, but he has helped me find a style of painting that I fell very good about. I guess that you would say that he has given me focus. Roger has also given me the confidence to keep working on my painting. He is a wonderful teacher and I am very thankful to have found  him. I will continue taking his courses for as long as he is willing to teach.”

 Sandra Fitzmaurice (student)


“Painting classes with Roger are great fun and very rewarding. He is skilled at the teaching process, and he begins most days with an intriguing quote for the day. He likes to remind each student to think about his/her intention before beginning each piece. I have found his emphasis on values and local color to be particularly helpful in evaluating and improving my own work, and Roger’s critiques are insightful, lighthearted, and honest. With encouragement from his students, he will do a class demonstration from time to time and seems to appreciate his students’ critiques of his work as well. It is a joyful experience whether we meet in his studio or work Plein Air, and the small class size allows for individual attention and plenty of workspace. It is amazing to me that Roger is willing to share his knowledge in a classroom environment, and I consider it a privilege to be able to learn from an artist with his talent, integrity, and dedication.”

 Linda Smith (student)


“I have taken several of Roger’s workshops.  His approach to teaching is very unique; philosophy, design, technique.  It is so much more than paint on a canvas.”

 Donna Bailey (student)


“That Roger Williams is one of the nation’s most talented artists is well known. That he generously shares his creative insights, painterly knowledge and artistic inspiration can only be known to his grateful students. Whether in his studio or in plein air classes Mr. Williams dedicates himself to each aspiring painter fortunate enough to be in his course.”

 Karen Halbert (student)


“Roger Williams is not only an outstanding painter but also an outstanding instructor. As a beginning student , I took two oil painting classes with Roger and was impressed with his teaching style. In classes of 7-8 he usually started with a demonstration of a technique that was beneficial to the entire class even though they might be at different levels and sometimes presentation of a quote applicable to the demonstration or just an interesting comment on an approach to life itself. From there, he rotated around to each member of the class focusing on their work-in-process suggesting what they might want to consider to improve their painting but leaving the choice to the student so it remained the student’s painting. His style made painting fun and very rewarding to all even though they might be at different skill levels.”

 Charlie Stringfellow (student)


“Roger’s workshops are a great way to become immersed in art.

The open-minded, openhearted atmosphere has just the right mix of seriousness and silliness, focus and freedom to help you learn on numerous levels and experience the joy of art.

Roger’s skill, talent and many years of experience, plus his philosophical vision on art and life, can offer insights, inspiration and assistance with specific problems or goals, without imposing heavy-handed or doctrinaire teaching methods.

Whether an accomplished artist or someone who has always wanted to paint but weren’t sure where to start, I recommend Roger’s workshops highly as a great place to meet wonderful people and to find encouragement, tutelage and support.”

–  Rex Maurice Oppenheimer (student)