Chamisa in Winter

I have had a number of people respond to my latest book with wonderful comments and I am truly grateful for everyone taking the time to express themselves. I found this on on Amazon books and wanted to post this. Thank you so much Tina!

By Tina P. Rischbieter on August 28, 2014
I have admired the work of Artist Roger Williams since we first met in the mid to late 1980’s. I have toured the Joe Wade Fine Arts in Santa Fe, NM and have enjoyed seeing Roger’s work in other exhibits and locations around New Mexico during my visits to this wonderful state. In the late 80’s I was fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase a piece of his work the ‘Hernandez Cemetery’ oil painting. This beautiful painting, purchased sight unseen, has been a treasure to me for almost 30 years. I treasure the opportunity to enjoy and share this piece of artwork on a daily basis. This painting comes alive with the addition of natural light making me feel as though I am sitting next to sagebrush and watching the sun peacefully set off to the west reflecting light onto this church and cemetery in Hernandez.
Unfortunately I have not traveled back to New Mexico in several years but have been there in spirit thanks to social media and frequent trips to .
I am beyond excited to now have ‘THE BOOK OF PAINTINGS BY ROGER WILLIAMS’. I love my book and have just begun my journey as I travel page by page. I enjoy seeing and feeling the land I love, that is so dear to me. The colors of the sky, the mountains, and the trees bring me such peace and joy. I now live in New York and travel back west is difficult. Fortunately the works of Roger Williams’ allows me to see, travel and feel all of the things that I love so much. This book not only gives you a masterful collection of work but it shows you the spirit of the people, their customs, their daily routine and their hardships, Now if I could just find some decent green chili all would be well with the world!
This from the book “The artist gazes upon a reality and creates his own impression. The viewer gazes upon the impression and creates his own reality” ~ Robert Brault. So true.
Thank you Roger Williams for sharing your passion and your talents with the world.