I was honored last Friday to see so many people attend my opening at Joe Wade Fine Art here in Santa Fe.  Thanks to all of you that found the time to come to see my oil paintings.

I asked a few of my friends what they thought of the work and which pieces drew them in. The show had a huge variety of landscapes , figurative historical pieces and architectural as well. Everybody always comments and reacts to, what I call my dusk paintings. Well, one might say that they are really “sunset ” paintings and many artists and art critics would consider that subject very cliché ,banal or trite. One of those obvious subjects that is done by many artists everywhere on the planet. I would agree except, have you ever done one?

Dusk or sunset paintings are very complicated to do convincingly because you really cannot so it from photography. You have to be quick and on site to really pull it off. Its not easy and I have been doing “them” for almost thirty years and each time it is a challenge .

I live in Santa Fe New Mexico where the skies are the most beautiful I have seen in the world. Every day is something spectacular! If you are an artist, how could you ignore this spender. I do not feel bad about doing this so called “cliché” subject matter.

It is not unlike saying something like,”oh you can’t go to Venice Italy because it is too touristy” Well why do you think tourists go there? Duh…… My little rant for the day!