I recently traveled to Denver to see the Vincent Van Gogh exhibition featured at the Denver Art Museum. The show did not have many of his works but those that they did feature displayed a very convincing chronological development of Vincent’s painting over his short lived career. Each oil painting placed in the show had intention to make a statement about that given part of his life and related well to the observer how his style changed over the years. I have always loved the story of Vincent’s life. Although tragic in so many ways, it a history of passion and struggle that left us with so many jewels to look at and wonder what he was thinking and feeling at that given moment. Each painting is an emotional statement, a self portrait if you will. Some years ago, I traveled with my family to Auvers sur Oise in France where Van Gogh spent the last few months of his life and the final resting place for him and his brother Theo. It is a haunting place to visit and see where Vincent painted his last paintings. The town remains today, much like it was in the year 1890. One can visit the site where he shot himself and follow the route where he staggered back to the Cafe Auberge Ravoux where he died in a very small room with his brother Theo finally at his side.