The Book of Paintings by Roger Williamscover

127 pages of Roger’s paintings, beautifully printed in this 9″ X 12″ book. Also included are biographical sketches by Pulitzer Prize finalist,  Mike Masterson, and an introduction by Kathleen Kondor.

The book includes several detail pages that show the accomplished brush work that is typical of Roger’s paintings.

“Now, more and more, one can see that Roger’s work has gained mastership.  His current works are the fruition of a long search for integration with whisperings within. He has matured, and learned how to listen and how to ride through the ups and downs of growth with patience…”

From the Introduction by Kathleen Kondor



What’s inside the book…


Four sections, ranging from international to regional subjects, comprise the book.  Also included are detailed closeups of several paintings, as well as commentary and biographical information. Order from Amazon

You may also purchase the book directly from Roger.  Send a check for $42, which covers the book cost plus shipping, to Heidi Williams,